Why Gauteng Business Travellers prefer this Guest House in Nelspruit

Home to just over 100 000 residents, Nelspruit has become quite the booming city. With so many home grown businesses and national corporations alike making their mark on the town, business travellers frequently visit to meet with associates, set up new contracts and network.

And travelling to Nelspruit on business means having to find that perfect place to stay.

While lodges and hotels have their appeal, it is the guest house setup that so many business travellers tend to prefer, and for good reason.

Nelspruit is renowned for being the kind of place that is still quite true to its roots. The city, while growing in leaps and bounds, is still rather rustic and has that small town feel.

Many of the businesses here are family owned, while a few others are part of one of the bigger national or international companies that have expanded here. The sheer number of businesses operating in Nelspruit along with the fact that the city is situated on one of South Africa’s busiest trade routes, makes business travellers a regular appearance at the various guest houses in town.

A guest house can often provide a more comfortable and even personalised experience, something that those who are often away from their homes tend to value highly. When you are spending much of your week on the road, moving from town to town, having great accommodation become your base for each time you visit the same town, makes opting for a guest house one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Gauteng business travellers are the area’s more regular visitors.

With the business hub of South Africa just 3 hours away, and with Nelspruit being situated in one of the best up and coming business locations, Gauteng business people are often on the road to the city and looking for the best place to stay.

And Shandon Guest House in Nelspruit has become their preferred stay over spot.

A guest house situated in a comfortable location, and decorated in a unique and laidback Mediterranean feel, those who stay at Shandon can look forward to all of the benefits that come with staying in a place designed to feel like home.

As a Gauteng resident, you probably have certain expectations when it comes to travelling. While comfort is certainly at the top of the list in terms of expectations, you will need to choose a guest house that enhances your stay in every way.

Shandon has rapidly become a top guest house in Nelspruit, for business travellers, because of these reasons.

  1. A stay here is ‘affordable luxury’

Most upmarket business travellers can afford to budget for a few nights at Shandon Lodge.

Although Shandon guest house is considered one of Nelspruit’s best places to stay because it is luxurious, the lodge is not over the top in terms of room prices and our rooms per person start at R1000 excluding breakfast and R1150 including breakfast(for rates please get in touch via our web form on our contact us page).

And when considering just how much the guest will get in exchange, it will be money well spent.

When compared to most lodges and hotels in the town, a guest house is generally considered to be the more budget friendly option because the guest house usually has fewer amenities or because it has been designed to be the affordable option. Even though guests will be spending less on their accommodation, they shouldn’t worry about having an inferior experience, especially not at Shandon Lodge, as the quality of the luxury accommodation is more than capable of delivering a comfortable and memorable stay.

  1. At Shandon, guests can expect utter privacy

One of the greatest perks about staying at Shandon Guest House is the privacy.

Our guest house is designed to make sure that when our guests are in their rooms, they won’t easily be observed by other guests, allowing each guest to come and go as they please. The rooms are designed to prevent interruptions, ensuring that when guests retreat to the room for the evening, they can look forward to a quiet night, something that most business travellers desire after a long day of business meetings and networking.

  1. Shandon strives to give guests a personalised service

Part of the great appeal of staying at a guest house is the personalised service.

Since guest houses are generally small retreats with a limited number of guests on the property at any given time, the staff have the ability to treat guests to a service that has that personal touch.

Staff are able to pay close attention to the needs of guests and at Shandon, with our exclusive rooms, we are in the perfect position to give our guests that attentive service they need.

And because we are locals, we can also provide our guests with interesting information about the best places to go, should they have some downtime between meetings and are looking to explore the local area.

  1. Shandon is centrally located

No business traveller wants to stay so far out of town that they have to carefully plan their mornings so as not to be late to meetings or whatever else it is they are in town for.

Our guest house is located in a peaceful suburb of Nelspruit, close enough to the various businesses around the city. The location of our guest house is also quite perfect for exploring, as we are close to various night life spots, including numerous restaurants.

  1. Shandon Guest House is a home away from home

Our guest house has that laid back vibe that is so sought after by those who prefer a guest house over a lodge or a hotel stay. Our rooms are design to look and feel like a warm and welcoming home. The homely experience makes for a more relaxed stay and will certainly have the Gauteng traveller coming back for more.

Gauteng business travellers have a lot to look forward to when they stay at Shandon Guest House in Nelspruit, and we have become the preferred place for return guests, who’ve experienced our comfortably quarters and divine hospitality.

If you should find yourself heading to our country town on business, we invite you to make your temporary home with us. Get in touch with our team via our ‘Contact Us‘ Page and book today!