The Best Guest Houses in Mbombela (Nelspruit) with a Spa

Guest houses with a spa are that little retreat from the world that you didn’t know you needed. Being able to book your stay in a beautiful location and also have the option of visiting an onsite spa, to indulge in a little you time, is one way to make your trip a more laidback one.

Various guest houses all throughout Mbombela, formerly known as Nelspruit, have in recent years revamped their properties and included a spa for guests to enjoy. From the most common treatment, the massage, to those more intimate treatments such as skin rejuvenating facials and various beauty treatments, guest houses are changing the way that they operate and now more than ever before, the access to a spa treatment is becoming the norm.

In a world where everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, we often forget that healthcare starts with self-care, and there are fewer places where you can treat yourself to a self-care session than at a spa. When you next find yourself in Mbombela, these are the guest houses with the best spas.

  1. Shandon Lodge Guest House & Spa
  2. La Villa Vita
  3. Chill Pepper Boutique Hotel
  4. Francolin Lodge
  5. Leaves Lodge and Spa
  6. Christies at 32 on Russell
  7. Loerie’s Call Guesthouse

The spa treatments at each guest house will vary from one to the next and at some guest houses you will need to pre-book and pay extra for a treatment.

1. Shandon Lodge Guest House & Spa (spa treatment prices available and bookings can be made here)

Looking out over the mountains of the beautiful Crocodile Valley, Shandon Lodge is a wonderful retreat for business people, couples and holidaying families alike. The guest house boasts spacious rooms, a stunning terrace, a glowing green garden and an inviting swimming pool.
Guests will also have access to the spa, which offers treatments using some of the industry’s best-known beauty products. Some of the popular treatments at Shandon Lodge Spa include rejuvenating massages, relaxing facials, grooming treatments, and manicures and pedicures.

2. La Villa Vita (spa treatments starting from R150)

La Villa Vita guest house has for a long while had a reputation for being one of the most luxurious places you can book your stay when visiting the city. The overall look of the guest house is something out of a small Italian town, and along with its gorgeous rooms and elegant outdoor areas, it has a spa.

Some of the popular spa treatments on offer at La Villa Vita include the full array of massages, body wraps, facials and beauty grooming. The guest house also offers various packages.

3. Chill Pepper Boutique Hotel (spa treatments starting from R80)

A vibrant and modern hotel, the Chill Pepper Boutique is a perfect place to stay whether you are on business or visiting the town for a pleasurable weekend away. The hotel is well known for its eclectic interior design and for its interesting indoor pool area. And it is also home to a stunning spa.

At the Chill Pepper Boutique Hotel, some of the spa treatments include various massages, facial and cosmetic treatments, hands and foot treatments, and waxing. The hotel also gives you the option of buying a spa voucher.

4. Francolin Lodge (spa treatments starting from R80)

Francolin Lodge is a 5-star place to stay and it has guest house vibes, with its comfortable rooms overlooking the city and its welcoming hospitality helping guests to feel very much at home. The lodge is in one of the most enviable locations and if your goal is to fully relax, you will find that the spa caters to all sorts of needs and expectations.

Popular spa treatments include the classic tension easing massage, stylish manicures and pedicures, and all sorts of other treatments.

5. Leaves Lodge and Spa (spa treatments starting from R200)

Leaves Lodge and Spa is situated in the Nelspruit Nature Reserve, and it is surrounded by a stunning landscape that certainly contributes to the relaxing atmosphere that the lodge is trying to achieve. The lodge is in a quiet spot outside of a busy city and guests can look forward to complete privacy throughout their stay.

The spa at the lodge has a team of experienced therapists and some of the treatments available include hot stone back and neck massages, foot massages, detox body wraps, hydrating body wraps, body polishes, and they offer a monthly massage package as well.

6. Christies at 32 on Russell (spa treatments starting from R60)

Set in an elegant and rather majestic setting, this guest house has become well known for its extravagant events. Aside from that, guests staying at the guest house can also look forward to making the most of the various spa treatments that are currently available.

The treatments are provided by Aniska @ Christies and some of the available options include specialized treatments such as micro dermabrasions, micro needling, facial peels, and wrinkle rejuvenation, while the more conventional treatments include facials, manicures and pedicures, and massages. Brides to be can also have their wedding day makeup done here.

7. Loerie’s Call Guesthouse (spa treatments starting from R60)

Loerie’s Call Guesthouse is a wonderfully beautiful place to stay. The views are quite out of this world and this adds to the appeal of booking your holiday or weekend away here.

Apart from the serenity that the guesthouse has to offer, there is also the Spa @ O, and its catalogue of reviving treatments. Guests can book facials, detoxes, massages, and waxes, and bookings can be made as a single or a couple treatment.