The 10 Best Nelspruit Accommodation Options for 2022

2022 looks set to be a great year for travel. With the uncertainty and travel bans of the previous 2 years easing up, this New Year has arrived with renewed hope and, for travellers, this means it is time to dust off your bags, and book your trip.

For many years, Nelspruit has been at the top of the holiday must-visit list. Not only is the town itself a great place to visit, but the surrounding areas have made it a fantastic base from which to see and experience all of the surrounding tourist attractions, which include waterfalls, escarpment mountain ranges, hiking trails, and those more modern attractions like fancy restaurants and great places to shop.

Along with Nelspruit having plenty to keep the holiday maker busy, it is also home to all sorts of memorable accommodation. And the best Nelspruit accommodation options for 2022 are an exciting mix of luxurious options as well as those affordable places, the kind that are ideal for a single night’s stay.

If this is the year you will be travelling to the area, these are the Nelspruit accommodation options considered the best in 2022.

1. Tomjachu Bush Retreat

Tomjachu is that bush location, complete with wildlife, in an urban area that can really make the holiday one that you will remember for a lifetime. Situated on the outskirts of the busy city, Tomjachu Bush Retreat not only has a limited range of luxury rooms, to ensure utter privacy, but on site there are also all sorts of exciting things to do.

2. Martin’s Haven

For those who are keen on that homely experience in a luxury location, one which is surrounded by pristine gardens that are the perfect place for a picnic, at Martin’s Haven guests can enjoy the best holiday experience. Like Tomjachu, the grounds of Martin’s Haven is home to all sorts of wildlife.

3. Beetleloop Guesthouse

Built into a rocky hillside, and offering some of the best views, Beetleloop is a guesthouse with stylish interiors and with only 8 bedrooms, those who choose to stay here can look forward to a more exclusive experience. Beetleloop Guesthouse is located in the suburbs, which makes it perfect for those visiting on business or who are here for a holiday.

4. Sheppard Boutique

If what you are looking for this year is a luxury holiday, then you need look no further than the ultra-exclusive Sheppard Boutique. Situated in one of the older areas of Nelspruit, Sheppard Boutique has a 4-star rating and 18 rooms, each decorated in a very grand style. The Boutique is nothing less than an exclusive retreat.

5. Shandon Lodge

Another 4-star lodge close to the heart of the city, Shandon Lodge has become the go to option for many a travellers looking to experience a more luxurious sort of getaway. The lodge prides itself on providing guests with a more pampered experience, by giving guests a quiet place to retreat to. Each of the rooms is designed to be incredibly private and with a limited number of people accommodated at any given time, a stay here is truly peaceful.

6. Leaves Lodge and Spa

With its unbelievable views of the city, and with its name coming from the incredible green foliage that embraces the lodge from all sides, Leaves Lodge and Spa has become one of those laid back Nelspruit retreats that boasts a 5-star rating. As one of the best Nelspruit accommodation options for 2022, a stay here will be one you don’t soon forget.

7. Torburnlea

A 5-star bed and breakfast, situated in the beautiful Mataffin Macadamia Village, Torburnlea has stylish, comfortable rooms, modern amenities, and country style breakfasts that will give you enough energy to face the day. Torburnlea is actually a restored homestead and it has been decorated in such a way that it reflects the passion and skill of the owners.

8. Christie’s at 32 on Russell

The Christie mansion is one that is very well known to just about everyone who lives in Nelspruit or who regularly travels through. Once a home, it has now been converted into one of the towns best places to stay. The lodge has sprawling grounds with a Mediterranean feel, 12 comfortable rooms, and all of the necessary amenities.

9. Haden’s Rest Guesthouse B&B

Just up the road from Christie’s is Haden’s Rest Guesthouse. Here guests looking for more affordable accommodation will find the ideal place to stay, one with comfortable interiors and a really relaxed environment.

10. Alkmaar Farmstay

Just a short drive out of Nelspruit, on the N4, deep in the farmland, lies Alkmaar Farmstay, a truly different place to stay and one that is completely unlike any of the other Nelspruit accommodation options for 2022 that are included on this list. There is the option of self-catering or you can choose the bed and breakfast option. And being on a farm, there are plenty of fun things to do.